security lock on keyboard

There are so many things you can do to have better security. Hire a security expert to better configure your network, ensure you have the right software installed on your computers (and mobile devices) to scan for viruses and block malware.

But one of the BEST, cheapest, and easiest things you can do is to ensure that YOU are educated in how YOU can secure yourself.

When typing in your password, be sure no one is watching. Be sure you’re not using a “free” WiFi connection when doing banking and other transactions (use a VPN). Use strong passwords.

An email from GoDaddy gives these tips:

  • Make sure your password has 12 characters minimum.
  • Include numbers, symbols, capital letters and lowercase letters.
  • Don’t use dictionary words.
  • Add 2-Step verification — an extra layer of security requiring a code from your mobile device.